What is a psychometric Test?

Today there are too many highly qualified people applying for one particular job. This has made the competition extremely stiff. Since it is not easy to evaluate so many candidates with similar vocational training, the concept of psychometric test has emerged as an effective means of choosing the right man for the right job. This test has gained huge popularity in no time at all, because it is very easy to organize and evaluate. It is one of the most effective means of identifying not only a person’s skill sets but also his entire personality.

What is the format of this test?

These are mostly multiple choice questionnaires. There are a huge variety of psychometric tests, and based on the topic the type of questions will vary. However the format remains objective throughout. These tests are time bound with the time limit ranging between 10 minutes to 30 minutes approximately.

What are the different types of psychometric tests?

These tests are broadly classified into Personality Tests and Skill or Aptitude Tests. Personality tests, as  the name suggests, evaluates your interpersonal attributes and helps the organization to judge your personality. These tests have no wright or wrong answers, they vary from person to person, because the questions are mostly situational. Skill or Aptitude tests are conducted to examine your numerical, mechanical, verbal and abstract reasoning.

Where can I practice a these tests?

There are a lot of options available for you to practice these tests. They are readily available online for free! You will also find various workbooks published on different types of psychometric test. You could also find them in various magazines and newspapers, however they are generally not for profession use.

Psychometric tests have become almost indispensable in the business world. To understand everything about psychometric tests visit http://www.peoplemaps.com/.


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