An Introduction to Psychometric Tests

A psychometric test mostly refers to a standard procedure for evaluating memory, intelligence, personality, sensitivity and/or aptitude of a person. It attempts to objectively measure various aspects of an individual’s personality or mental ability. These are mainly conducted by different companies and organizations during a recruitment or selection process. Some of these tests are especially designed to offer employers a specific method to hire the most appropriate job applicants.

Tests for Recruitment

Most Human Resource professionals utilize psychometric test free to determine the suitability of applicants and candidates for further interviews as well as final selection. However the test can also prove to be very helpful if you desire to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. It is also utilized for training existing employees, career counseling as well as for career development.

In the present economic condition, a huge number of candidates apply for every job opening. Thus more and more companies are increasingly taking the help of this efficient tool to find the most appropriate person for the job. Although some tests tend to be expensive, but psychometric test free can be conducted for reducing the risk of recruiting the wrong candidate.

Types of Psychometric Tests

Primarily there are 3 different kinds of psychometric test free, which are used for measuring personality, assessing aptitudes and evaluating potential abilities. It is imperative that the test is conducted by an experienced and skilled evaluator who will choose the most suitable test to obtain the necessary information about an individual.

Personality tests are done to determine if an individual is able to work properly in a team and improve himself along with the team. Another test is conducted to determine the potential abilities of an applicant to particular type of skills in specific ways. The ability test is done to evaluate the capability of an individual to learn new skills and improve existing ones.

Tests for Personal Development

A candidate who desires to get a job in a senior position should certainly opt for a psychometric test as this will help him to find out more about his key skills and potential. He/she will be also be able to discover hidden abilities that will help him/her to think about a career change or to look for jobs in a specific sector. You will be able to find out about your weak areas by learning about your skills and abilities. This can help you to work on your weaknesses and take the required training to improve yourself.

A proper psychometric test free will surely help a candidate to appear for interviews with more confidence and have higher chances of getting recruited. You can find out more about free psychometric tests simply by visiting


Types of Psychometric Test

Earlier checking the qualifications and work experience of an applicant was the only means for an employer to determine his suitability for the job. However due to the latest advancements in technology, a number of tools are available at present that help companies in the recruitment process. Psychometric testing is one of the best ways to assess the intellect, abilities and personality of a candidate. It is considered as an effective way to find out the right candidate for the right job. It helps you to learn about various characteristics of a potential employee which you would not be able to determine through a conventional interview process.

Currently there are numerous websites that offer online psychometric test to individuals and companies alike. Several organizations have began to conduct these tests online with the support of various dedicated web portals that generally offer these tests for free. Such type of evaluation systems will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, interests and aptitudes and and thus you will be decide your career field better. Hence you will be able to move forward in the right direction and perform excellently in your career.

There are basically 3 different types online psychometric test, namely-

  • Aptitude Test
  • Ability Test
  • Personality Test

Aptitude Test

These are mainly specific to the job and thus the names of the tests are almost same to the job titles. Aptitude tests can be conducted to determine either specific abilities or general abilities. Most often these tests evaluate the spatial, verbal, numerical and non-verbal abilities of the candidate. Companies use this test to judge your ability for logical reasoning.

Ability Test

An online psychometric test is also used to assess the ability of an individual to learn new skills that may be needed for the new job. Employers can find out about the capacity of a particular candidate to learn specific skills and also his ability to learn further skills in the future. The ability test primarily evaluates the numerical reasoning and verbal skills of a person.

Personality Test

This test is certainly one of the most important aspects of an online psychometric test. This part of the test includes multiple choice questions and the candidates need to select the possible correct answer. There are no right or wrong answers as such. These questions simply aim to determine the personality of the applicant. This test is also used to evaluate the emotional intelligence of an individual.

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Psychometric Test- An Effective Tool for Recruitment

Psychometric tests help you to determine the knowledge, capabilities and skills of a person. It is widely used by several organizations during the recruitment process to select the best candidate for a job. It helps the employers to determine the expertize of an applicant and also assess his dexterity in a particular skill. In the present economic scenario, most companies do not wish to take any risk with their staff. Thus several employers are taking the help of this radical and useful tool to find out if you have the required qualities that are needed for a particular job.

So you should take a free psychometric test online in order to find out more about your own skills and employability. There are a number of websites that offer free tests for both individuals and corporations. Almost all companies invest sufficient time and money in recruiting, training and improving their staff and employees. Hence it is required that they assess the potential employees through a reliable and evaluation system that will provide a clear idea about the aptitude, skills and personality of the applicants. This is an effective way to make that the right person is selected for the right position.

Free psychometric test is mainly designed and undertaken by large scale business establishments to  examine and choose the candidates. However, at present several small sized businesses and placement consultants are also using this test to evaluate applicants for different positions. This helps to save both money and time which might get wasted by selecting the wrong candidate.

A free psychometric test includes various multiple choice questions which are needed to be answered by the applicant within a stipulated period of time. These objective questions aim to gather instinctive responses and answers which help to assess the personality and intellect of the candidate. These tests generally do not have any set answers that are right or wrong. But if the test has been developed and designed by a company, then it will consist of its own preset answers that the employers wish to see, so that the candidate is successfully able to meet the requirements of the organization.

No matter what, the easiest and best way to crack a free psychometric test is by giving genuine and honest answers and by following your instincts. Thinking too much about the requirements of the company and the job profile will create confusion and will not bear the best results.

Benefits of taking an online psychometric test

Psychometric test is the most potent tool used in companies and organizations across the word. It is the first hurdle that you have to cross to get into a reputed organization. The growing popularity of this test has helped to emerge many websites that provide free online psychometric test.

It is a great idea to practice these tests online as you are sure to face one during an interview process. With so many options available online, you will have to streamline your choices. Choose the skill based tests according to the job that you wish to apply for. You could also ask the HR department of the company to share some topics of psychometric tests so that you could prepare for the interview, generally they oblige.

Taking a free online psychometric test will ensure that you are fully aware of the test type and pattern of questions. This will save you from being not-so-pleasantly surprised at the interview table.

Another benefit of practicing a free online psychometric test is the time factor. Yes, these tests are time bound, the more you practice them, better the chances of keeping the time.

It is a huge span of topics that there tests cover, so, it is very difficult to take every test available online. However, the mere the merrier at the interview. Try to take the skill based tests, they look simple but  looks could be deceptive. These free online psychometric tests  come with the answers. After you finish the test, evaluate yourself, check the errors, and repeat the test.

Practice makes perfect. Here as well, the more you practice the better are the chances for you to master it. Remember, psychometric test is not only important during interview but through out your professional career. During promotions, lateral movements and retention process you will face them again. Since it is impossible to avoid a psychometric test, try and master it.

Get to know the right Psychometric Test for you

There are a variety of psychometric tests online for you to avail, among these how do you choose the right one for you? Find out here.

Psychometric tests are generally of two types, Personality and Skills. If you have decided to take a personality test these are some of your choices.

1. Psychometric Test to start the right Career – this test will guide you to choose the most fitting career for you. You will be able to judge your own aspirations and professional qualities, so that you could pick the right career path.

2. Personality Evaluation – take a psychometric test online on personality. You are most likely to face this test during an interview process with any organization. This test will help to identify your interpersonal skills, strengths, aspirations, work values etc.

3. Test if you are ready to start your own business, or a career change – if you are planning on opening your own business you must take this psychometric test online. You will discover your management skills and entrepreneurial attributes. If you wish to begin a new career, take psychometric tests on your adaptability and perseverance skills.

Skill based tests are also of a varied variety, these tests determine your aptitude and professional skills. These are some of the important skill based psychometric tests.

1. Tests for numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning – these are the most popular skill based psychometric tests. They determine your basic IQ in mathematics, language and mechanical reasoning.

2. Psychometric test to identify your department of work – this test will help to determine which division is best suited for a candidate, example, sales, marketing, operations, administration etc.

3. Tests to identify your management skills – these tests are conducted by companies during promotions. They evaluate your management skills and leadership qualities.

There are a lot of psychometric tests online for you to discover and improve every aspect of your personality. Make sure you choose wisely.

What is a psychometric Test?

Today there are too many highly qualified people applying for one particular job. This has made the competition extremely stiff. Since it is not easy to evaluate so many candidates with similar vocational training, the concept of psychometric test has emerged as an effective means of choosing the right man for the right job. This test has gained huge popularity in no time at all, because it is very easy to organize and evaluate. It is one of the most effective means of identifying not only a person’s skill sets but also his entire personality.

What is the format of this test?

These are mostly multiple choice questionnaires. There are a huge variety of psychometric tests, and based on the topic the type of questions will vary. However the format remains objective throughout. These tests are time bound with the time limit ranging between 10 minutes to 30 minutes approximately.

What are the different types of psychometric tests?

These tests are broadly classified into Personality Tests and Skill or Aptitude Tests. Personality tests, as  the name suggests, evaluates your interpersonal attributes and helps the organization to judge your personality. These tests have no wright or wrong answers, they vary from person to person, because the questions are mostly situational. Skill or Aptitude tests are conducted to examine your numerical, mechanical, verbal and abstract reasoning.

Where can I practice a these tests?

There are a lot of options available for you to practice these tests. They are readily available online for free! You will also find various workbooks published on different types of psychometric test. You could also find them in various magazines and newspapers, however they are generally not for profession use.

Psychometric tests have become almost indispensable in the business world. To understand everything about psychometric tests visit